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«IAC-CBS» consulting company

We specialise in information support, research, analysis, risk and project management and managerial consulting

The IAC-CBS LLC consulting company is a specialised service provider in business consulting support. IAC-CBS LLC operates throughout the Russian Federation, several other CIS countries and Baltic countries. Its highly professional foreign partners enable.

IAC-CBS LLC to operate effectively in various corners of the world.

IAC-CBS LLC’s customers include Russian and foreign companies in various branches of economy. Our customers are global and Russian business leaders, successful fast-growing companies.

Business Risks and Solutions

Business risk consulting is the basic field IAC-CBS LLC has operated in for years. Economic business security consulting and comprehensive business information and analytical support are provided as part and parcel of risk analysis within this field. The company’s successful work has earned it a lasting reputation of a dependable partner of a whole number of major companies and transnational corporations whose brand names are recognised all over the world.

Business advice

A promising field being explored by the company is managerial consulting and risk management service provision. At present, such services are provided through inviting governmental and private experts under a specific project. This sphere is new to IAC-CBS LLC and has been earmarked by the board of directors as an additional vector of the company’s development to diversify the business and explore new spheres.

Project management

We not only provide consulting services, but also support the business operations of our customers by providing assistance of various kinds as required in close cooperation with the IAC group of companies and our partners representing various branches of economy and the private and governmental sectors. The project management and monitoring service is offered as a separate line of work. We assist in teambuilding, launching a project and monitoring it throughout its implementation all the way to its successful completion. Our expertise and professionalism are at your service.