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Our customers

We carefully uphold and bolster the superb reputation of our customers

Our customers are commercial companies representing of small, medium and big business. Most of our customers have cooperated with us for several years now and entrust us with handling important difficult tasks. We treasure their trust and do our utmost to make our customers’ way towards further flourishing safe and protected from risks and potential threats.

IAC-CBS’s customers include telecom, investment, construction, banking, pharmaceutical, industrial and trading companies. A whole number of our customers are transnational corporation, leaders in their fields, pioneers and locomotives of whole sectors of the world’s economy.

Other customers operate in this country only but are among the most dynamic and successful Russian companies.

The trust of small business, which is most vulnerable to risks and potential threats, is just as important to us. We are grateful to all of our customers for the honour they have done to us and their trust.

We are thankful to our customers for their fulsome praise of IAC-CBS and their letters of recommendation provided to the company.