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The primary capital of our company is our personnel who are unique specialists and true professionals whose contribution to the common cause can scarcely be exaggerated

The ‘Information & Analysis Centre – Comprehensive Business Security LLC’ consulting company (hereinafter referred to as IAC-CBS) was established in 2004 and is part of the Comprehensive Business Security group. IAC-CBS offers a rather wide range of services, which specific scope is determined in line with the customer’s requests depending on his specific requirements and objectives. The experience and professionalism of IAC-CBS personnel allows risk reduction for customers by means of providing complete information coverage of the customer’s area of interest. The mainstay of IAC-CBS is made up of expert analysts with the long-term diverse experience in various governmental and private security agencies, banking and investment organisations and marketing and trading companies. Most of IAC-CBS personnel have basic economic education in addition to their primary specialised education.

Since its inception, IAC-CBS has specialised in providing consulting services in various aspects of risk reduction, security (including economic security), safe environment for organisations and persons and comprehensive information and analytical services for its customers. Our personnel have developed exclusive information, analytical and consulting products building on both the expertise of present-day consulting agencies and in-house analysis and recommendation methods. In the course of developing information and analytical products, an information search and processing technology, which is unique in this country, has been created.

At present, IAC-CBS’s strategic development line is risk management consulting, which comprises the whole range of work on identification and analysis of risks in particular business processes and subsequent issuance of recommendations and expert opinions. The experience and reputation earned over the years in business have enabled IAC-CBS to offer managerial consulting and project management services.

If need be, IAC-CBS hires top-notch experts from various spheres of business. Serving its customers, IAC-CBS pursues a flexible pricing policy and strives for maximising the results in each of the fields it operates in. Work is done in full compliance with the customers’ wishes and peculiarities. All information about customers’ inquiries is confidential and is not subject to divulging to third parties in any way. Upholding and bolstering the superb reputation of its customers is a pillar underlying the work of IAC-CBS. Thus, IAC-CBS’s focus on its customers’ needs is a key principle the company adheres to.